Essay On Outliers

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Outliers, an enthusiastic book written about success by Malcolm Gladwell uses extraordinary opportunities and cultural legacy to support the idea of fortunate probabilities. Gladwell of course contributes success to hard work, and as known hard work can usually leave to greater achievements. Yet he provides examples of opportunities used by victorious people, who collaborated with others to get a chance to become what they are today. Cultural legacy is also influential on the basis that support the success of a family, which can be a benefactor to a family member who is trying to achieve greatness. Although hard work can make people successful, they will still need an opportunity or a legacy to make them successful because these things will…show more content…
At a young age “Bill Gates was fortunate to attend Lakeside, a private school in Seattle” with its “own computers that shared processing power” (Gladwell 309). By having access to computers when most others did not, Gates had a unique opportunity in his youth to learn and experience more. His parents who carried a diverse education level lead their legacy to help him stay motivated and carry good ethics for success. Furthermore, Outliers are referred to people “who have been given opportunities — and who have had the strength and presence of mind to seize them” (Gladwell). As Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and even Mark Zuckerberg had opportunities to go to great schools, but they dropped out because those opportunities were not meant to be a beneficiary. But when the time came, they grabbed on to the better opportunities that drove them to success. Like Bill Gates got to work with a friend to create Microsoft, Steve Jobs being in debt from college went to create Apple Corporation, eventually along the side came Mark Zuckerberg who did the same and so did other successful
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