Spiritual Gurus Case Study

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Today for launching a new product in the market, a branding strategy is needed to be worked out to reach the customer. A new product can also be launched in the market by following dual branding strategies. Dual branding strategy means using a sub-brand name and a parent brand name simultaneously for increasing the chance of success for a new product launch. For purpose of dual branding the suggestive and non-suggestive sub brand and parent brand name can be used. A suggestive brand name means which describe the product in its name like Netflix, YouTube etc. It has been analyzed that a suggestive sub-brand name helps consumers recall the key benefits and features of the new product. Also a suggestive parent brand name helps in communicating…show more content…
Now days there are many spiritual gurus in India whom people are following. Taking this as advantage many gurus have started introducing ayurvedic and FMCG products in the market. Hence doing marketing through spirituality is affecting the consumption behavior of people. There are many spiritual organizations in India which are launching and selling their own products for the customers to capture the market. Consider the case of Patanjali Yogpeeth how yoga and pranayam which are considered as the dimensions of spirituality have effect on people buying behavior in India. Swami Ramdevji is the most famous guru in teaching yoga and pranayam in India and he, through Patanjali Yogpeeth, has launched several products not only based on ayurvedic medicines but also on FMCG. Hence marketing through spirituality has become the success factor of Patanjali Yogpeeth (Vinod Kumara, Ankit Jainb, Zillur Rahmana and Akhil Jaina, 2013). New product launch strategy, Success factors and New product performance To analyze the critical success factors for launching a new product using a marketing approach has been a subject of study from decades. The new products can be classified in the following six…show more content…
It was a huge success as company divides its success factors into three classes i.e. Customer, Company, Environment. Further each of the category is exploited to understand what could be in depth success factors for successful iPhone launch. For the Customer category three factors i.e. Demographics, Cultural, Preferences played an important role. For Company part, Product, Price, Promotion and Distribution plays an important role. Similarly, for the Environment factor, Regulatory and Infrastructure factors played a major role (Gabriela Capatina and Florin

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