The Positive Influences Of Simba's Leadership In The Lion King

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Kings are said to be natural born leaders, and their kin are to follow in their footsteps. Not all leaders are Kings though, and even kings need to be guided by others leadership. In the film, The Lion King, Simba is influenced by others leadership and situations as he develops his own leadership skills to become a successful leader. As heir to the throne, Simba is expected to have inherited essential traits from his father, Mufasa, so that he may become a great leader. Mufasa shows great knowledge and understanding of what his duties and responsibilities are as king and possesses the confidence and intelligence to guide Simba. This makes him an exemplary leader for his son to model after. Mufasa displays loyalty towards his subordinates…show more content…
The death of Mufasa thrusts Simba into a state of uncertainty and is influenced by his uncle, Scar, that he is responsible for his father’s death. He refuses to accept responsibility because he is concerned about what his subordinates will think of him. Scar advises Simba to run away and never return, which Simba ends up doing. With Simba no longer in the picture, Scar is able to falsely claim the throne and become king. In order for Scar to have been able to reach his goal of becoming king though, he had to form a relationship with the hyenas. To do this, Scar decided to use Transactional Leadership, which focus on the exchanges that occur between leaders and their followers (Northouse, 2013). Scar promises the hyenas food and access to the Pride Lands and in return the hyenas must work for him. The hyenas carry out his evil plans and he also uses them to hide behind against the lions. As the new king, Scar demonstrates Position Power, the third characteristic of situations to the Contingency Theory. It includes the legitimate power individuals acquire as a result of the position they hold in an organization (Northouse, 2013). Scar forces the lions to follow his lead by using his position and title as king. He demonstrates his lack of morals and integrity and without his position as king he would not be able to influence the lions in any way. Scars influence over the hyenas and lions will only last as long as there is enough food though, which becomes a problem because Scar only cares about his absolute power and accomplishing small goals that only benefit

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