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In criminal profiling according to me the best reliable method is DEDUCTIVE CRIMINAL PROFILING . A deductive criminal profile is one that is deduced from the forensic examination and behavioral reconstruction of a single offender’s crime scene. It is most appropriately termed as Behaviour Evidence Analysis. Data used to infer a Deductive Criminal Profile for a particular criminal includes:- 1. Forensic Evidence Forensic analysis is performed before profiling can begin to insure the integrity of behavior and crime scene characteristics that are to be analyzed. 2. Crime Scene Characteristics Crime scene characteristics are determined from forensic reports. It includes all the analysis and all he documentation relating to forensic study which provides the nature of interaction between the victim, offender, and location where offence have taken place. In some of the cases which involves any related series of offenses such as…show more content…
Victimology This includes the through study and analysis of victims characteristics. The characteristics of an individual offender victim population of choice in a single offense over a time can lend themselves to deductive interferences about offender motive/modus operandi. The advantages of the deductive criminal profiling model are very important. This requires specialized education, training in forensic science crime scene reconstruction and wound pattern analysis.Because of the specialized knowledge and study the deductive criminal profiling tend to be more specific as compared to Inductive Criminal Profiling .Deductive Criminal Profiling is also useful for establishing Modus Operandi as well as offender signature behavior which assist in linking the cases of unrelated crimes Signature is comprised of significant personality that distinguishes the nature of offender’s crime scene methodology. Individualized personality identifiers are evident in such things as:- • When an offender repeatedly engages in a specific order of sexual

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