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“In search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio” composed by Philippe Bourgois is a novel that expresses the authors experience in East Harlem, which is also acknowledged as El Barrio in his native language, Spanish. The northeastern of Manhattan is a division in Harlem that is recognized as one of the topmost violent crime estimate and the most unemployed rate. In this community, many hispanics are residents in harlem, many such as Dominican, Mexican, and even Puerto Ricans. As established by Philippe, the purpose for his book was to address his encounters with the poverty and culture of East Harlem. It gives a deeper description of the challenges that people had to confront in order to endure the unfortunate poor circumstances that they…show more content…
The statistics were rather interesting on account of the suggested half residents in East Harlem who wouldn’t meet the requirements. Philippe discoveries were found that most of the residents were in fact healthy, which lead him to deeper research. Philippe then discovered an immense amount of underground drug “business” occurring in East Harlem. This underground franchise involved drugs such as cocaine, this was a convenient chance to grant job employment to nearly all men in East Harlem whose income were incompetent from employment opportunities. The crack house was were the Author gathered most of his observations. The lives of the individuals who took part of this book were those who were involved in the drug merchandise. The Author gives account of his experiences and observations that he encountered such as the communications he had with the people in Harlem, the observations of the underground business and the interactions he had with the families who had relevance to the drug underground industry. In overall his books demonstrates the urban culture of East

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