Creole Revolution

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Spain used to be a lot more than a rocky country somewhere in Europe. It was an Empire with control over all different parts of the world. Its grasp was strongest in Latin American colonies. That all changed when these colonies revolted and fought for independence. Surprisingly, most of the revolutionaries were Creoles, or people of Spanish descent that are born in America. But why would they be fighting for independence, when they aren’t the Natives or Black slaves being forced into cruel labor by the Spanish? Well, there were actually a lot of reasons. The Creoles were forced into revolutions for independence due to economic troubles, social tensions, and their want for political power. Many crises and economic disasters forced creoles…show more content…
The Creoles were the second highest social class in colonial Latin America. The highest class was the Peninsulares. These were white government officials who were born in Spain and came to Latin America. They, however, lived quite differently from the Creoles. Creoles had economic and cultural influence on Latin America, while Peninsulares had political power. This angered Creoles like Juan Pablo Viscardo, who wrote “Americanos, being those most concerned by affairs of America, logically ought to fill the public offices of their own country for the benefit of all concerned. But that has been far from the case.” (Doc C) Why is the government being controlled by immigrants that haven’t experienced their own country's culture? The Americanos, or Creoles, should have a say in a country where they count as 25% of the population. However “white superiority was not unchallenged; beyond its defenses swarmed Indians, mestizos, free blacks, mulattos and slaves.” (Doc F) Creoles had to look out for the rage of the lower classes, because they didn’t see that much of a difference between rich and wealthy white men. The Creoles lead the fight alongside natives and mulattoes against Peninsulares so they wouldn’t be caught in the crossfire, and so they could gain political
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