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Nobody’s perfect. A famous saying that is used in almost every life situation. The excuse people make when they make mistakes. Hunter Hayes wrote a song about relationships. A song about endless ups and downs between the relationship of two lovers in the male point of view. Humans always make mistakes; what’s important is that one learns from those mistakes one does. The imagery in Hunter Hayes’ “Still Fallin” reveals the persona’s thoughts of a man about his relationship to the addressee or the persona’s lover. The first verse of the song describes the expectations of his lover as shown in the first line “Who would think for all the days I’ve known you.” His lover expects him to know her very well as shown in the last four lines of the first verse. One of those lines is “that I would have you memorized by now.” The line suggests that the persona should know everything the addressee is thinking. Then on the second verse, the persona tries to rebut his lovers expectations by saying that he never expects what he…show more content…
The line “I still reach for your hand because I need it” means that the persona needs the guidance of his lover. The word “hand” in the line symbolizes guidance or help. The kiss of his lover makes him stronger described in the line “Your kiss is still the spark that lights a fire.” He used the word “fire” to symbolize himself and something that makes him stronger is her lover’s kiss which is symbolized by the word “spark” The persona also tries to make his lover realize that they still enjoy their time together in the line “you're still laughing with me.” He also stated that they still have a lot of experiences to go through in the line “Baby, and we're still making memories.” He also admits that there are still a lot of things that he doesn’t know as shown the last line of the third verse which is “I'm still a fool for you, there's a million reasons

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