How Did Toussaint Contribute To The Haitian Revolution

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1.) A: Toussaint L’Ouverture - A former Haitian slave who was a prominent leader of the Haitian independence movement. Toussaint was self-educated and read the works of French philosophers, which inspired him to become the “brave leader” of the Haitian revolt in 1791. During this revolt, Toussaint showed his skills as both a tactician and a leader. In 1798, Toussaint’s forces controlled most of Haiti and all the slaves in Haiti were freed, but Haiti still remained a French Colony. In 1802, Napoleon sent a large army to take control of the island, so Toussaint once again fought for Haitian freedom. In the following months, Toussaint was captured by the French and sent to prison in France. He died there after 10 months, but he was not forgotten. In 1804, Haiti declared independence and became a republic in 1820.…show more content…
While many poor Mexicans, predominantly mestizos and mulattoes, answered his call, most creoles did not like him because he wanted to end slavery and improve treatment of natives. After some successes, Hidalgo was captured and executed, which caused his revolt to dissolve. C: el Grito de Dolores - The speech given by priest Miguel Hidalgo in the rural town of Dolores, on September 16, 1810, which called for the people of Mexico to fight for independence and liberty. The name translates to “the cry of Dolores”. This speech led to a short-lived rebellion led by Hidalgo and ended when he was killed. D: José Morelos - A Mexican priest who, like Miguel Hidalgo, led a revolt in Mexico. His goals were to improve the conditions of the majority, abolish slavery, and give all men the right to vote. He led the revolt for four years until 1815 when he was captured and

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