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Growing up in Bulgaria, my parents always talked about going to America. The way they spoke about it with hope and desire to live there some day made me curious about the country. I knew how bad my parents wanted to live there some day and I wanted to see them happy. I remember as a child, while playing outside, I found a dandelion and made my parents' wish mine as I blew the soft, floating petals away. I never expected that wish to come true and I never thought that it would lead to some of the hardest goodbyes of my life. Initially, I was excited about our big move. My dad had been working in Greece to make some extra money for the family and the news brought him home. It felt good and it felt whole to have the family back together again.…show more content…
However, once the goodbyes began I began to question the whole process and my feeling towards the move were changing quickly. One of the hardest goodbyes was the one with my great grandma. We visited her in the small Bulgarian village of Skobelevo. Her house was mainly surrounded with grape vines, tomato plants, cucumbers, strawberry shrubs, and watermelons. The back of the house was filled with sheep, chickens, pigs, donkeys, and cows. We sat down at the small table in the living room, eating the fresh produce straight from the garden, talking about the past and talking about the future. We had a good time together but as night was approaching, it was time to go back home. I remember my great grandma asking when we will see each other again and my mom telling her it could be another year or so before we come back to visit. My grandma, with a look of shock in her face, simply replied, "Well that's a really long time." She passed away a few months shortly after we left. My goodbye to depart to a new country was my final goodbye to her and I had not even know. I was too young to understand goodbyes but I wish she could have heard me say how much she meant to me and how much I loved

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