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The Stono Rebellion was a bloody brawl between whites and blacks on slavery and terrible treatment. The Stono Rebellion had both a grim and reputable effect on the slave’s treatment in the Americas. It was effective in that it raised the white’s awareness towards the slave’s capabilities as combatant soldiers. It was ineffective in that the percentage of slaves had a devastating decrease. There were many factors that contributed to the revolt’s timing. The concern is to establish why the slaves revolted when they did. The religious connotation of the day in question has bearing to the purpose of the insurrection. While, most of the paper recognizes the accounts of the various sources chosen, the paper will furthermore deviate from their assertions.…show more content…
The combination of evidence certainly suggests that the slaves’ Christianity and the religious appeal of Spanish propaganda may have played a role in the revolt. Likewise, though less certain, the slaves’ probable military experience in Africa could also have influenced their behavior and their ultimate fate.” This according to “African Dimensions of the Stono Rebellion, America Historical Review (Oct. 1991) by John K. Thornton. The revolt was due largely to the fact that Negroes were still permitted to cabal together during the hours of church service. “Since the Stono Uprising, which caught planters at church, occurred only weeks before the published statute of 1739 went into effect, slaves may have considered that within the near future their masters would be even more heavily armed on Sundays.” This according to Peter Wood, Anatomy of a

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