Radiology Technician Research Paper

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Many people desire different things that makes them happy. Desire is what keeps us moving to achieving that goal. In doing so, anybody anywhere can and will achieve what they desire in their lives. My desire is to do something that makes a difference in other people’s lives, a difference that can stay with them forever and that they can cherish throughout their lives and that desire is to become a radiologic technician. Also, where a radiology tech works, it’s a diverse place which I truly admire. Working with people with difference backgrounds is an amazing thing, because you are working together to make a difference in people lives that come here from difference parts of the world. I made my decision based on the reasons…show more content…
Who wouldn’t like making a difference in other people’s lives? I am sure everyone would love to do such amazing thing. A radiology technician is what I desire, that is because I love the profession and I wouldn’t miss a day of it, this is because I admire making a difference in others’ lives that they can cherish and as well as myself and think back and say hey I did that. Making a difference in others’ lives is a tremendous thing. Working as a radiology tech, you are performing diagnostic imaging examination, by this you are finding issues that can be causing the patient pain, and my favorite part about this finding the cause to the patient’s issue and putting a smile on their faces. As for this profession being diverse is why I made this decision on doing so. Helping different people is a way of life. As for me, I speak multiple languages so I look forward to helping different people. Also, in a diverse place, it helps to bring synergy among people you work with and it elevate communication skills in which it can bring in stance and processes that can profit the team and as well as yourself. Working in a diverse place, it brings different people from different backgrounds to work together to achieve the same goal with different sets of skills that are out together to increase

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