Broken Dog Speech

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When dogs are puppies we give them all our love and all our hearts; we treat them like family feed them the best money can buy. We treat them like royalty, we buy them little clothes and dress them up for holidays. To there owners puppies can do no wrong in there eyes. They can pee and poop and we let go, and turn the other cheek like it never happen. When there are puppie the universe is thers. They can do no wrong in there love filled owners eyes. They come with them to family functions and events. They come become our children. We take them on strolls through the park, buy them anything they want,because they're just to stinkin cute to say no too. That cute innocent face of theres is like a drug that we can't get of of,but like every…show more content…
He is no longer depressed. He doesn't feel lonely,he actually looks seems happy. He cleaned himself up and looks like a good dog,but looks are deceiving and underneath that facade. Is a broken dog a dog who has pushed those all the down that they are no longer on the forefront of his mind. He tells himself he no longer cares. He says he never loved his owner anyway. He shuts down any conversation about feeling. He doesn't open up about what is bothering him. He keeps up his happy attitude,tells himself he is the best and that people do love him. He says this to not confront the truth; he now hides behind barriers he has put up. This works for him for a while he finds a new owner life is good. He tells himself his previous is a piece of shit and a deadbeat,and never deserved him in the first place. The dog thinks his feelings towards the owner are gone. He has put up enough walls that he doesn't he realize they are there. Until one day his in the park taking stroll in the park with his new owner lifes good. Then while walking he sees a familiar face. A face he has pushed so far back in his mind it takes him a while to realize who its,but when he does the world stops. Those emotions he worked so hard to keep away came back, the fake smile came down and tears came out. The memories of the struggle he went through with his self confidence;being depressed and feeling lonely all came back at one time.
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