Importance Of International Relations Essay

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MOTIVATION FOR TOPIC CHOSEN We may not realize it, but International Relations play a massive part in our day to day lives. From the availability of products to the presence of peace in our society, it all boils down to the relationship between countries. A country with poor relations cannot provide it’s population adequate means to gain a high standard of living, due to the lack of resources caused by poor international relations. A prime example of this situation is North Korea, whose population is unable to have any sort of freedom to express itself. For the purpose of this study, I was intrigued to find out interesting facts between two prominent countries in the world, namely India and USA. India and USA have usually had one of the most stable relationships, except for a few years in the 20th century. One of the most unique facts about this relationship is that USA is the world’s oldest constitutional republic and India is the world’s largest republic, at present.…show more content…
In this paper, we will dive deeper into the relations between the two countries to provide an understanding to the readers about the various things that affect international relations, as well as come up with solutions in order to ensure the stability and growth of these
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