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There was a half breed boy in a city called Butter Shores. There has been a feud between the spiders and the humans for many centuries. His dad is the spider king and his mom a human being. As the spider king, he was given a charm that has been past down from generations. The story has been told many moons ago, his great great grandfather saved a human princess. By this noble deed, the fairies said “You can have love for this human!” They then blessed the charm which gave it supernatural powers. The charm’s supernatural power can transform a spider to a human being and keep them safe from harm. In his many travels between the barrier the spider king fell in love with a human. They got married and not long after that they had a half…show more content…
“Please take care of the baby.” Stewart was weird looking with hair covering all over his face. No one has ever seen a baby with hair covering his whole face. He was the first half breed ever in the whole history of Butter Shores. Stewart is now a new resident of Butler Shores Orphanage. For many years Stewart was teased. He had no friends and no one to play with. Everyone made fun of him. Occasionally he has feelings that someone is following him around. But when he turns around no one is there. No one wanted to adopt Stewart. Everybody thought he was infected and crazy. As years goes by Stewart grows and grows until he is a young man. He has lived in the orphanage for 15 years. That is the age when they can no longer have you in the…show more content…
He had no family or friends. He wanders the street having a feeling someone was following him around. Stewart turns around and saw an old woman across the street looking at him and coming towards him. Stewart got scared and started to run. The old woman said “hold on there sunny.” I have something that belongs to you. She reached into her bag and took out Steward old Golden Fleece and around it was his dad’s charm. All of a sudden the old woman turned into a pretty fairy. She said “This was your dad’s charm that belongs to you and your family. This fleece is your mother's”. This will help you in your journey. When Stewart put on the charm he was as handsome as a prince. He had no facial hair. Take this Golden Fleece and buy a home. Stewart look around for a home that he can call his own and to live in it for the rest of his life. He found a house that was perfect. The only problem is that it was next to the barrier where his parents died. He is still going to school now that he has is own place. The problem with his school is that the only way to get there is through the spider town. One day on his way to school he heard a strange voice say “I have been keeping an eye on you!” Stewart thought that it could be the fairy again. But then the voice said “My name is Ron. I am a spider teen at the age of 15. “Nice to meet you Ron, my name is

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