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Cormac McCarthy’s The Road is a gripping tale of survival in a post-apocalyptic world where the sun can barely come out. Can you imagine trying to survive in a world with no food or shelter? An unknown catastrophe has left the world dark, gloomy and covered in ash. It has even turned the sea gray. The devastating world the man and son live in is described as “godless.” The man and the son are survivors of isolation and starvation. They witness an army of cannibals hunting their pray, and people living in a cellar waiting to become someone’s meal. The man’s faith in God is dwindling. He lives to keep his son alive and is teaching him to live after his imminent death. The man knows he is about die because he is having good dreams about his wife. The man and son embark on a journey south trying to get to the ocean. All of their possessions are carried in a shopping cart with a squeaky wheel. As they walk along, the deserted roads, the man keeps one eye on a motorcycle mirror attached to the shopping cart, it’s as if he is looking back on his past and going towards the future. In order for the little boy to have hope, they have to refer to themselves as the “good guys” who carry the fire.…show more content…
The boy was born into this devastated world. He has a tender heart and is more generous to other survivors he meets on the road, than his father. His father would find items from the old world and introduce them to his son. They are not alone in this world. Few people are left and those who are have turned to cannibalism. The good guys survive. The good guys carry the fire. Being on the road, one must know how to survive. The life they used to live with his wife, the mother of the child is gone forever. They can no longer live in their old home due to the danger, and are constantly on the move just to stay alive. Food and water is very

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