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Cormac McCarthy’s The Road is a fiction novel about an unnamed man and his son trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic environment. McCarthy illustrates this dreadful version of our planet to be very stormy, grey, burnt, and essentially damaged by any disaster possible. Although the author does not directly claim what catastrophe actuated the apocalypse, it is inferred that fires and natural disasters were the cause. Despite the fact that McCarthy is a very acknowledgable writer, there is not a lot of information about his intentions for his novels. The author refused all interviews except one with Oprah, being that she chose this book for her book club. In the first and only interview with Oprah he admits he got his idea for the novel The Road when he was with his son. He claims he pictured the earth in fifty to one hundred years with “fires up on the hills and everything…show more content…
The setting of this narrative may very well be what our planet has in store. McCarthy and scientists alike all fear the extent of the reality within their studies. If McCarthy and the other scientists who carry out his belief are correct about the future of our planet, vital survival skills will be necessary. For this same reason, the National Geographic created Z.E.R.T. to test families’ skills for surviving an apocalypse. A single mother, Stevie Sim, worries about the safety of her son from the Yellowstone Volcano. She and her son go to Z.E.R.T. and experience a “volcanic fallout simulation” to test their abilities to survive an apocalypse ( public narratives such as The Road and hypotheses from many famous scientists, countless measures of people are beginning to worry more for the end of our time. Various inventions and simulations continue to grow to prepare civilization for “what is to

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