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In the article After Twilight where do Vampires in Pop Culture go from here? By Scott Meslow, it talks about how the culture of vampires has changed drastically over the decades. He speaks of how vampires used to be perceived as vicious monsters, and were seen as the enemies, he uses examples of Dracula; how he rapes Lucy, while romancing Mina and that he had white fangs. Whereas, in today’s society with the uprising of Twilight, vampires still have white fangs but are looked at as human beings that are just troubled, and even sparkle in the light. Edward Cullen himself goes to school and lives within a society around people that he should be feeding on if it was Bram Stoker writing the book. However though he falls in love with a human girl,…show more content…
Meslow brings up to wonderful points in terms of the fact that Stephenie Meyer’s does not focus on the horror film definition of vampires. Edward isn’t perceived horrific in any sense of the way, he’s more seen as a God with a tragic flaw. This being said, and the lack of movies after the Twilight series being actual good, selling movies; it shows that people do not want those horrific, blood sucking demons of the night anymore at least not in the way that Dracula portrayed them. As a fan myself, I would now be more interested in a more modernized version of the vampire, like the television show Vampires Diaries portrays. However though most shows now tie in werewolves, witches and it seems as if all supernatural beings must be involved with each other, and I don’t think that should be the case. Twilight shows a “hero” vampire, along with a villain in terms of a vampire who kills humans Victoria, and James. Tying in the werewolves though seemed to be a good marketing move, because they have been seen as the enemies of vampires since the Underworld series which Meslow mentions as well. Keeping between the two was smart on Meyer’s part whereas with Vampire Diaries, and True Blood those shows include witches, doppelgangers, and even fairies making it all become too confusing to keep up with. If though, the vampire lovers in Hollywood come back to an older version of vampires but tie in a modern twist, something that can more relate to teenagers of today I think Twilight will soon become a thing of the past, and vampires will rise up again to be back in popular culture again like Meslow

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