The Road Cormac Mccarthy Analysis

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Individual Assignment 2 EXPLORING ALTERNATE FUTURES “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy 8/27/2014 Joshua snyman 11122979 “The Road” Cormac McCarthy The book starts with a father and his boy in some woods, the two of them are making their journey along the road after an unnamed apocalypse has happened to the world, therefore this setting is post-apocalyptic. Neither the boy or the father is given a name. I assume that the setting is in the united states as the father tells the boys that they are walking on the “state roads”, The sky is dark/clouded and seems covered by dust and toxic particulates. The seasons are merely varied intensities of cold and wat conditions. A number of cannibals or what I think is zombies roam the roads and live in the houses that remain intact in the woods. From the beginning of the book, it is made very clear that the boy is all the father worries and cares about. The boy is all the father has, and the father believes…show more content…
Do you think you will survive in the event of large-scale disaster? Do you have the necessary skills, tools, know-how and emotional resilience? Well depending on what type of apocalyptic event happen, that will determine by readiness to survive. I don’t have the ability to destroy or kill another human being no matter what state they are in, so if I had to kill, then no I wouldn’t survive very long. However I do have a very strong ability to adapt to different situations and having a personal relationship with Jesus is a huge factor. Saying that I don’t know how I great I would be if my wife had to die and myself remain behind, then I think my emotional state might take a turn for the worse. I am not the strongest in stature so I won’t be able to fend physically for very long, so all in all I don’t think I am ready at all for an apocalyptic event. Saying all of this I am not scared of not surviving because I know what I believe is

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