Why Is Brook Farm A Flawless Society

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Perfection For as long as humans have existed, people have been striving for perfection in all aspects of their lives. A major focus for many of them is establishing a community in which everyone lives in harmony. Since individuals are so diverse, no two people have the same idea of what would constitute as a flawless society. This theme is portrayed in both literature and genuine places. An example of a faultless community is demonstrated in Animal Farm by George Orwell. Animal Farm is an allegory for a utopian society, such as one called Brook Farm. To better understand these associations and how they are related, it is crucial to learn about their creation, daily activities, and downfall. Brook Farm first began with the ideas of George…show more content…
Fourierism was a system of organizing a community developed by Charles Fourier that was created to “assure the distribution of the community’s economic income and minimize waste” (“Charles Fourier”). After adopting this new title, Brook Farm became the headquarters of Fourierism and began to produce the Harbinger, which was the Fourierist newspaper (Sreenivasan 49). The creation of this paper provided a means for communicating their ideas around the globe (Sreenivasan 48-49). It was the expectation and goal of the Fourierist followers that it would automatically spread everywhere and become the typical way of living for all (Holloway 138). The animals anticipate the same results. Snowball and Napoleon organize clusters of pigeons who tell other farms about the successful revolution of Animal Farm (Orwell 33). Brook Farm’s Harbinger correlates to the messenger pigeons since they both broadcasted the ideals and thoughts of each community in an attempt to convert others to the same belief. Animal Farm’s extensive communication and promotion of their untraditional ways of life shows how similar their community was to Brook…show more content…
Money was a constant concern that continuously plagued the inhabitants of these locations. As time passed on Brook Farm, the money troubles grew so severe that a reduction of supplies and luxuries was necessary (Delano 109). Animal Farm has to manage comparable financial issues. Despite the Herculean efforts made by the animals, they suffer from a shortage in food (Orwell 67). Rations are constantly being reduced, just like on Brook Farm (Orwell 81; Delano 109). Without a doubt, money was a major concern for both

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