Paul's Case Character Analysis Essay

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In the three stories in lesson 3, one character has been the major focus of the story, and the story traced the experience of him/her over a certain period of time. However, the characters of the protagonists are quite different from each other. Paul in “Paul’s Case” is a round character with very static personality, the narrator in “Rules of the Game” is a round but dynamic character, and Mr. Mitty in “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” is a flat and static character with a little twist at the end. In “Paul’s Case”, the portrait of Paul showed a great sense of complexity, however, his personality was not changed much by the events he experienced throughout the narrative. Willa Cather used various ways to illustrate Paul’s character. Besides…show more content…
Mitty was limited to one of his weekly trips to the city with his wife and his imaginations that happened in the trip. Within such a short time and a short story, the readers could only understand one very important perspective of him, which is that he was so afraid of his wife and the reality that he need to use his imaginations to find comfort. It was a very partial understanding of Mr. Mitty and he is represented in a flat fashion. From the contrast between the five fantasies and the actual happenings we could see that Mr. Mitty was very much controlled by his wife and he was trying to imagine himself as someone special and exceptionally powerful and influential in all possible ways. The whole representation of him remain very static until the very last fantasy, when he faced the firing squad in his mind and put off the cigarette in the real life. It was possibly a very frustrating moment for Mr. Mitty as the cigarette was finished and he had to leave with his wife eventually. It showed a sense of sadness and loneliness which was different from the glorious feelings displayed in the other fantasies. It hinted that Mr. Mitty had to go back to the reality, but we could not tell if he changed his mind on anything. Despite the change in tone, there was little evidence to tell if he experienced a change in personality and feelings. Therefore he is still a static

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