Cormac Mccarthy The Road Analysis

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A boy and his father must survive in the barren shell of a once great world. Both have only each other, yet that is just enough to them. They walk along a treacherous road in the hopes of prolonging their simple, primitive lives. They search the charred ruins of houses and buildings in the hope of finding themselves some basic necessities. They trudge on during the day, and they hide from the dangers that may befall them. The road is the only problem they face as they tip-toe across it. Yet they have to face their fears to survive. In Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, the road itself symbolizes evil itself due to the fears that both the boy and the father have of it, the way it pushes their relationship farther apart, and the death associated with the road. Really good introduction and thesis The boy and the father spend every day of their simple, meaningless…show more content…
They spend all their free time prolonging death. After the father kills the bad guy, they lose almost everything they had. Since they had to hide after killing the man, their shopping cart was left unprotected. The mirror is also taken, which leaves the vulnerable from an attack from behind. Afterwards, they see a woman having a baby while two men help. They later go back to see the baby has died because the stuck it over a fire and ate it. They both realize that the scarcity of food and understand that they may be that desperate. They understand that death lurks around the corner when they don’t have food. The father then dies on the road, leaving the boy heartbroken and full of remorse. The boy stays with his father’s corpse, guarding it from those that may walk by. He is very prone to being spotted by anyone, but he does not care. Eventually, someone comes along and luckily wants to help. He makes sure to hide his father off the road to make sure his body is not desecrated. Much of the evil on the road is because of the death along

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