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Harsh Life Versus Easy A’s Degrees are the precious treasure in the American society nowadays. No one in our society can ignore the significance of degree, especially if this degree comes from a high intellectual institution. But can a degree solve marriage problems or make people love and interact with each other? Through life we gain experience by time and we refresh our memory by learning new skills. These experiences are the product of both education and life’s experience. No one is perfect, so people should communicate more with each other outside the schools to see and understand the real life. In “Learning in the Key of Life,” Jon Spayde explains the relationship between the education people receive at school and the lifetime experience. Spayde has a…show more content…
In doing so, Spayde is using people with highly inventive minds to support his argument and convince his readers. Spayde quotes Elizabeth Sutton Lawrence and defines her notes as “one of the best concise summaries of classical education,” which plays a critical role in convincing his readers. Elizabeth describes the ancient Greek education, she says that it “came largely from firstland experience, in the marketplace, in the Assembly, in the theater, and in the religious celebration; through what the Greek youth saw and heard”(Spayde 3). It is known that Greek is the land of philosophy, science and brilliant psychologists, but it is astonishing that these remarkable sciences came from street education. By Spayde’s allusion to the Greeks, he makes his readers believe in his argument. He is comparing between the great ancient Greek’s education and the classroom education. He is able to appeal to his readers’ minds by showing how Greeks received their knowledge. Greeks explored, discovered and even invented most of the concepts of what we have in our
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