The Turn Of The Screw Literary Analysis

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Can ghosts make people that are sane go insane? Through out the short story, “Turn of the Screw”, written by Henry James, the governess continually has encounters with apparitions, or ghosts, that only appear to her. From Miles being expelled from school, Miles and Flora miss behavin, to Flora becoming ill, the governess see the ghosts the entire time. The governess first arrives in the town of Bly to begin her job as teaching her employer’s niece, Flora, and his nephew, Miles. On her way to Bly she describes herself as having gone through many ups and downs in her emotional and mental state of mind, which the readers later see in the novella. People have also warned the governess of these children saying that they were bad. When the governess and Flora first meet she thinks that she is the sweetest little child and can…show more content…
The governess was on her way to the dining room to get ready for church when, “One step into the room had sufficed; my vision was instantaneous; it was all there” (page 19). The governess was seeing Mr. Quint again, however she could not believe it still. The governess then runs outside to where he was, and he is no longer there. Quint was nowhere to be found. The governess then becomes worried and runs to the childrens room. There, Flora is hiding behind a curtain. The governess then looks out the window where she sees Miles in the courtyard. The governess begins to panic and feels as if the ghost is starting to hurt the kids. The governess then gets the children back into the house safely where she keeps a watch on them all day long. She later sees apparitions of another person, which according to her co worker was the old governess, Ms. Jessel, who died. This confused the governess even more because she is the only one seeing these apparitions, and she begins to doubt her

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