Code Switching In Stop Doing That By George Baker

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Code switching is a divisional subfield of sociocultural linguistics- the broad interdisplanary field concerned with the intersection of language, culture, and society. This subfield of sociolinguistics, “encompasses linguistic anthropology, socially oriented forms of discourses analysis (such as conversation and critical discourse), and linguistically oriented social psychology .” The process of code switching is closely related to the concept of identity. Simply meaning, one’s perceived identity is closely linked to one’s cultural linguistic and semiotic practices; how one speaks affects how they and others perceive them. That is the main idea behind code switching. The earliest appearance of the term “code switching” was in 1947 by George Baker. Baker derived the term and meaning from the expressions “situational switching” and “metaphorical switching” (the use of two language varieties within a…show more content…
Within Aneta Pavlenko’s Stop Doing That: Ia Komu Skazala!, Pavlenko states emotions conveyed directly and indirectly affect the use of code switching. Her article suggests that a speaker changes their language usage, grammar, tone, and style depending on their current emotional state. This can be seen in the quote, “Speakers may switch into L1 to signal intimacy, we-ness, or to express their emotions… communication is often fraught with emotions, conveyed not only through prosody or lexical choices, but through language choices and codeswitching .” The choice to code switch emotions may come unconsciously (for daily, local interactional communication) or consciously (for unfamiliar interactions requiring particular word usage). Meaning, perceptions of emotionality connected to certain dialects, languages, styles, etc. affect a speaker’s use of code switching. For instance, a local dialect may express more sentimental endearment when speaking to family or friends than a formal, regional

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