Baystate Noble Case Analysis

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A mission and vision statement defines a facility; it provides a statement of the companies goals, values and its purpose. All employees need to be aware of this statement in-order to allow the company to succeed and accomplish their vision. Baystate Noble is a small community hospital and its mission and vision statement defines the hospital very well. Their statement states the following, “It is our mission to improve the health of our patients through innovative care in a personalized environment that exceeds the expectation of our community” (“Mission and Vision”, n.d., p. 1). Baystate Nobel is by far not perfect, however I can say confidently, that the mission and vision of this hospital is being worked on daily. The mission of Baysate…show more content…
Speaking to my colleagues and my preceptor overall I think the statement is slowly being accomplished. I believe there are units who fully try to “live” the statement but I can not say the whole hospital is living the mission and vision statement. The statement is authentic but not all staff members genuinely follow through with the part that states “…deliver innovative health care that exceeds the highest standard of clinical excellence…”(“Mission and Vision”, n.d., p. 1). Honestly, not all staff are aware of this statement. For example, in the operating room the statement is posted in the nurses station and the OR staff are aware of it, however in the emergency department some staff do not even now of such a statement. Speaking with my colleges they think the reason of lack of the attention to the vision and mission statement is mostly in relation to the management. If the unit manager dose not discuss or put attention to the values of the hospital than the staff dose not know much about it. On the other hand looking at the hospital as a whole, the mission and vision statement is being followed through. Th facility is being update with advanced technology, for example a recent new addition was the MRI machine and new equipment in the Operating Room. The hospital is networking to develop solid partnerships with skilled health care providers. In the operating room we recently had two surgeons tour the operating room. This surgeons will bring new cases to the operating room. The hospital is continuously being evaluated and improvement are in place due to the recent new partnership with Baystate Hospital. Overall, the hospital is living their statement but there is defiantly room for

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