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Good day, everyone. Organogenesis is a continuation process in embryo development after the completion of gastrulation, where the formed layers of endoderm, ectoderm and mesoderm will be differentiated and specialized to specific function, then polarized to perform a complex function as cluster of cells, which will develop into tissues, organ and organ system. Neurulation is the first step of organogenesis, which only takes place during the embryo stage of a human life. Neurulation is a process of folding that occurs in embryo also includes the transformation of neural plate into neural tube which will direct the formation of the spinal cord and brain. The starter of the neurulation is the formation of neural plate which can also be said as…show more content…
Simple blood cells will join to the walls of the yolk sac and progress to become a network of blood vessels and a single heart tube, which would form as early as the 16th day of life and beats as early as the 24th day. However, the septum will divide the heart into two chambers will develop during 6th/7th week while the heart valve will begin to develop in seventh week. The heart beat rate of an embryo will be affected by the amount of oxygen, activity and volume of circulating blood as in a normal adult. After the 28th week of pregnancy, where the nervous system has become matured, the heart rate will slow down, 5 beats per…show more content…
The initial form of these tubes is solid, which later on will be canalized- formation of hollow structure. By the end of the forth week, a septum will begin to divide the esophagus and the trachea whilst lung buds will be formed on the trachea. However, the diaphragm hasn’t divided the thoracic cavity from the abdomen yet until the seventh week. So, this causes the formed lung buds to extend downwards into the abdomen. The chest’s longitudinal dimension will increase and the diaphragm will be completed. The failure of the perfect closed diaphragm development will lead the stomach, spleen, liver and intestines to be pulled up into the thoracic cavity- causes diaphragmatic hernia, child birth defect. MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM comprises cartilage prototypes that provide position and support for the fetus which developed fully during the first two weeks of the fetal development. The conformity of this cartilage into the bone will begin during the week 12. However, the carpals, tarsals and sternal bones will not be ossified until

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