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Rutilio Hughes, a second year students, who is currently pursuing an Associate degree in Business Management, is addressing the issue of abortion. He believes that abortions should not take place unless it is for a good reason such as a result of being raped or decreasing the population and merely a result of having unprotected sex. He also believes every woman has that choice to determine what she wants to do with the fetus, but he believes that it deserves to live because it is a living organism. Although there was no topic, Hughes managed to get his convey his message. I am unsure whether this topic is appropriate because there are not many cases of abortion on St. Martin/ Sint Maarten. Possible titles for this paper could be, ‘The right for a foetus to…show more content…
His objective is to bring across his ultimate point which is not to engage in abortion because a fetus is a living organism as well. I observed that there were no transitions used throughout the paragraphs. There are cases where a new paragraph is abrupt, for instance, the transition from paragraph 2 to paragraph 3. The last line in paragraph 2 spoke about treating the fetus as a human being and then suddenly, in the following paragraph, Hughes starts talking about “Another risk of abortion,” when there was none mentioned before. I think the writer is confusing the terms reason and risk. He, in fact, mentioned a reason why abortion is performed which is due to rape, whereas the risks of abortion are different. Reason, is why the person does it as opposed to a risk which is the after effect of the action. There were no spelling mistakes except for the fact that I had to correct the word ‘chose’ to ‘choose’ on two occasions. There are no citations for the essay and there should be one because some research was done about China on the issue. There was no need for the writer to use quotation marks. The entire conclusion does not leave me with a take value. It is

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