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Lord of the Flies – Alex Lakic Introduction- “Lord of the Flies” is it valuable to be learnt in high school? This book has been read over and over again since the book first came out in the 1950’s. It still remains as one of the best pieces of literature ever to have been written. For the rest of the blog I will tell you why the well-known book is valuable to be learnt in high school. Plot outline - During the cold war after the plane crash, a group of British boys aged between 6 and 12 find themselves isolated without adults on a tropical island. The group is divided into the "littluns," - younger boys, and the "biguns," - older ones. At the beginning the boys attempt to govern themselves to maintain order and stability in a way they used…show more content…
They elected a leader, Ralph, who, together with Piggy, tried to establish rules for living on the island. They found the Conch. The Conch represents order and civilization as at the assembly the person who holds the conch gets to have a speech and has their own say on things. Ralph also makes a signal fire with Piggy’s glasses, hoping that a passing ship will see signal and rescue them. Jack was angry at the decision that Ralph becomes overall leader. Jack becomes the leader of the choir which are the hunters. The boys who join Jack are attracted by the opportunity of playing the role of savages: putting on paint, hunting, and performing tribal dances. They neglected the duty of tending the fire so that they could participate in the hunts. The conflict between Jack and Ralph is enhanced by the boys' fear of a mythical beast roaming the island. Jack kills a pig and puts it onto a stick which is an offering for the beast. Simon says he had a vision that he was talking to the beast and he said that he wanted his name to be Lord of the Flies. He comes back to the ”littluns”. They have mistaken him for being the beast which leads to the first of three deaths on the island. Ralph is right saying…show more content…
The crisis in the book is a result of neglecting traditional rules and boundaries. Deconstruction is a form of analysis in which the text is broken down into a series of opposites, examples: good and evil, happy and sad, man and nature. The author showed very good that opposites are present in each individual as well as in the group and the society itself. It is up to all of us to try to maintain the balance inside yourself, in the group and in a bigger society. Everybody should take responsibility, otherwise nobody might survive. William Golding wrote “Lord of the Flies” to be studied in many perspectives listed above. The different types of ways you see the text can bring more meaning to the book and make it more valuable, this is why high schools have used this book to be studied. The first time that you might have read the book will be different to the second time you read the book or the third etcetera. Golding has made the book so that you can find even more ways on how he has used the language to make it one of the most popular and well-known books to have ever been written. My Judgement

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