Analysis Of The Snake Bite

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It is the culmination of a long journey of four years at St Johns high school. Everyone is excited about graduation and the long anticipated weeklong graduation trip to Costa Rica. Brenda, Robbie, Sabrina, Xavier and Malcolm have all been close friends throughout High school. The students anticipate celebrating a job well done and the prospects of adulthood. They are well aware that they started high school as children and have grown into men and women. They have traded a mile stone of dependence and guidance in their life for another of independence and freedom to execute their own choices. The anticipation of making their own decisions without parental guidance has certainly created a inflated level of confidence. The group of students land…show more content…
Brenda soon made her impact as the implicit leader among the group. Chapter Two The Snake Bite Sabrina has a very geeky and dramatic personality, she was instrumental in helping the group laugh and make light of a difficult situation. She began telling stories about “ What if ” She began demonstrating how she would fight off a snake, stomp his head and tie his body in three places if she was attacked by one. She also began verbalizing how she would outrun any lion or wild animal and quickly scale the biggest three she could find. The dramatic display of her physical, verbal and facial expressions made everyone laugh. After a period of laughter, Sabrina began crying and lamenting how her efforts to gain acceptance into Columbia University was made in vain. She also wondered how many countless lives she would have saved and the reward she would obtain from being someone's hero. Brenda interjected by consoling her into believing that those dreams were still alive and would soon be fulfilled as planned. She never displayed or projected any doubt at the possibility of being rescued. After a period of rest the group decided to continue their trek in an attempt towards the bus depot. It was late…show more content…
At the sight of the rescuers the teens were astonished. Xavier was elated at the fact that Sabrina was alive and well. It turns out that the snake that bite her was not venomous. Brenda was able to keep the group intact, she refused to let anyone else separate from the group. Their trust in her decision was instrumental in finding everyone at the same time, without any further casualties. Sabrina’s leg was treated and the group began walking back to the bus depot and out of the forest. Upon arrival, they met up with the rest of the graduating class. The Chaperones of the trip decided to throw an ongoing party for the happy ending of them returning back safely. The group feasted and danced the night away, they promised to be friends for life even though they would be going down different paths after graduation. The stories and the lessons learned about life, friendship, and the ability to make independent choices will never be forgotten. The next time they met was graduation day, With tears in their eyes they watched each other walk up the stage to receive their diplomas. They promised each other, they’d hang out every summer

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