Symbols In Lord Of The Flies Symbolism Essay

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Lord of The Flies - Symbolism analysis William Golding believes that all men have evil within them, but there is still good. In his book Lord of the Flies, he writes about young boys who crash land on an island and they need to survive, and throughout their time there, some boys slowly start to become savages and there are few who continue to stay civilized. This book shows Golding’s perspective on man’s basic nature. The first example, is Jack, the leader of the choir boys and who later becomes a savage. Second example is when Simon “talks” to the Lord of the Flies and he understands the true evil within the island. Last example is, Ralph, although stuck on this island, he still remains a true leader although troubles comes in the way. Humans can be evil and good, but there is always a little bit of evil. Jack starts off the story as the leader of the choir boys. He wants to become the leader but loses the voting to Ralph. In order to prove himself worthy, he resorts to finding food. At first, he is still in the mentality of proper behavior so when the opportunity to kill a pig for…show more content…
He has a characteristic to care for others more than himself, and his maturity level is shown through the way he is able to conduct work and think of ways to keep everyone safe for a long period of time. Even being on the island for such a long time Ralph still keeps some civilized manners. He has slight understanding of the island’s beast and the real evil. At first he is able to control everyone and lead them to build shelters and other things, but once the hunters start becoming savages, other boys on the island start going to Jack’s side. Throughout this whole mess, Ralph stays in the mindset of good conduct and behavior. Towards the end, he realises that he is no longer innocent and that all this evil has arised. In the end, “Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart, and the fall through the air of the truth” (Golding

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