Oedipus The King Jadis Alternate Ending

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Change After what seemed like hours, Jadis ceased to take interest in her many vein tales of battle and her mouth seemed to wander what it was to say next. Digory, who was so happy he could have leapt for joy, suddenly noticed that one of the wax-works began to rise just as Queen Jadis had done, only this wax-work (or person ) rose nearly twice as tall as Jadis herself ; and if you had seen her face you could see that she was twice as angry as Jadis too. The Queen, who once spoke to the children with such confidence and courage, now stood with a look of defeat and fear, and though both sisters glared at each other in great wrath, Digory saw that Jadis had a right to fear her sister. After a short time of suspense, the awakened wax work spoke. “ Jadis! I have waited long for this moment oh despised sister!” Digory and Polly’s jaws dropped, not only at the sight of Jadis’ sister but, well, the fact that it was Jadis’ sister was, well, jaw dropping. “What lies of deceit have you been telling these innocent children? Why they almost seem surprised that I appear, here, in flesh and blood!” Jadis finally spoke.…show more content…
Jadis sister looked at the two children with faint hint of glee. “My sister probably told you that at the end of our great battle she spoke a word that could destroy all living things.” Digory and Polly nodded and despised the memory of the word. “Well ,my dear deceived infants, no such word has ever existed, at least not in this world.” Digory looked about him looking about, trying to sense the new life that the woman claimed there

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