Similarities Between The Wife's Lament And Beowulf

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In the excerpts “The Wife’s Lament” by Ann Stanford and “Beowulf”, themes of anger and betrayal are found in both article and poem. Throughout the article “Beowulf”, Unferth is angrily speaking about Beowulf with the use of hatred towards him. For example, “ So I am sure you will pay a price- although you have survived countless battle storms, savage sword play…” (442-444).Unferth is telling Beowulf that although he has passed through many difficult battles, one day will come where he will face serious consequences. In “The Wife’s lament the wife was separated by her man. For instance, “That my beloved sits under a rocky cliff rimed with frost a lord drary in spirit drenched with water in a ruined hall,” (Stanford 47-50). The wife was left

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