Argumentative Essay On Guns On Campus

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Campuses Turn Into a Shooting Area In February 2014, Idaho State was considering to allow carrying guns on university campuses. This argument was drawing local citizens’ attention for a long time. The opinions were separated between supporters and opposers. Greg Hampikian was not a big fan of allowing guns on campus. Guns on campus are most likely to be approved by the state House of Representatives. Professor Greg Hampikian is a Biology professor in Boise State University (BSU). During that time, Professor Greg Hampikian wrote an opinion piece claiming that universities goer should not be armed and guns shouldn’t be allowed on campus. His article was published in The New York Times magazine in February the 27th of 2014. Students, employees and whoever related to the BSU are the main group of people Greg wanted to convince since allowing guns on campus might threatens their own security and his as well. The paper is also directed to the New York Times readers. The author used many strategies in order to stop the bill; most of them are based on sarcasm in order to convince his audience, which could make carrying guns on campus banned. Using sarcasm in most of his arguments proves that the writer is…show more content…
Which is an argument the author is more likely to win using the fact that drunken people can misuse weapons under alcohol effect. However, the writer expresses that armed frat boys are not the disaster yet; the fact that they are drunk is more frustrating according to Hampikian. In addition, the writer continues to use his sarcastic expectations for future disadvantages when he says “I would point out that urinating against a building or firing a few rounds into a sorority house are both violations of the same honor code” (Greg Hampikian). Using this evidence in this specific situation, which is more likely, to happen could give the audience a clue of how unsafe the campus area might

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