Cold Weather Benefits

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Not as Exciting as It Looks By Michelle Kwon In many parts of the country, cold weather is a natural thing when it is winter time. A breeze of cold air slithers through the windows and the wind howls at people. Usually, people start shivering and getting goosebumps on their skin. This is because the body temperature is getting low compared to the normal, average temperature. Human body is sensitive to any small change happening to it such as temperature. Everyone has a way of solving cold weather. Hot packs, heating pads, moving around, wearing layers, and many more ways are used to warm the body up. This is useful and benefits people during chilly weather so that the body can be strong. In the worst circumstances, hypothermia, abnormally…show more content…
Sometimes, there is indoor surfing, making artificial waves, but, it is not the same experience as outdoor surfing. This activity is enjoyed by people of all ages and all types of skill levels. To begin surfing, a person needs a surfboard to support their body against the powerful waves. Surfers tend to be attach themselves to the surfboard so it does not get lost in the waves. After, the surfers wait for a great wave to approach them. The surfers usually stay far out in the water and ride the biggest waves as possible. The surfers stand up on the surfboards and balance their weight. They ride the ocean’s waves and then drop to repeat the activity…show more content…
Normal human body temperature is about 98 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius). If a surfer’s body's homeostasis gets in trouble, you might have a problem producing heat from the nutrients you take in or the outside environment might cause problems. Cold water makes the body more vulnerable than when it is in cold air. Body heat is lost 25 times fast because chilly water speeds up the process of hypothermia. If the person is exposed to extreme cold, his or her body temperature will fall, leading to hypothermia. This can slow organ function, producing confusion and fatigue and, in serious cold for long periods, even death. The surfer might also feel muscle cramps and be exhausted. A mild case in hypothermia can result in many disability of physical and internal abilities. Eventually, if uncorrected, hyperthermia could cause seizures, unconsciousness and eventual death. Surfers are more vulnerable to hypothermia since they are in the water. On cold days, surfers are not recommended to go into the water. But at any chance if they go into the water, hypothermia will occur. Since hypothermia progresses much faster in the water than in the air, the condition will need to be avoided as much as possible. Hypothermia needs to either be prevented or cured rapidly for

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