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Girls Dance Fashions Dancing is a popular past time and exercise activity for little girls (and big girls!). Of course, adults and some little boys dance as well, but in this article, we will be discussing the latest trends in dance fashions for the young child, and teach you what to get your little girl for her first dance lesson or what to send your older child to dance wearing for the more experienced girls. The staple items for your little dancer is a leotard. You will want to ask her teacher what color leotard she likes her students to wear. Generally, you will have your child wear a pink leotard. You can choose whether to get her long sleeve, short sleeve, or a tank leotard. Many teachers prefer the tank version because it allows students…show more content…
Little Adventures also has a line of tutus in pink, green, and lavender to match the above leotards. Each tutu comes with a white sequin waist and a pretty flower in the middle of the tutu. If your little girl likes to twirl, you could indulge her with matching wrist scarves for pretend play or for her dance recital. There are also fun and frilly tutus else where, so just ask your child's teacher what color and style she would like. Often teachers like all the girls to dress exactly the same, so that none feel "different" or out of style. However, every teacher is different. Many teachers also sell dance clothes from their studios. To complete the look, the dance slippers. If you got a pink, black, or white leotard, you can get matching dance shoes to match. If your child is taking tap lessons, you can find those at Payless Shoes as well as. You can new get dance slippers for around $15 and Tap shoes for around $20. If you would like to save some money, try your local craigslist or eBay for gently used
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