Cold War American Family Essay

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The Cold War and the American Family Towards the end of the Second World War tensions were rising between the Capitalist countries such as the United States and Great Britain and the Communist regimes like Red China and the Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union. With the defeat of Nazi Germany both the U.S and the USSR split war torn Germany into two parts. With the western half controlled by the Capitalist nations, and the eastern part under the Communists’ control. Germany was divided by two completely different economic and socioeconomic systems. The Soviet Union occupied many sovereign nations such as, Bulgaria, Romania, and Poland. Propping up Socialist regimes in these once free countries. Winston Churchill stated in 1945 that an “Iron Curtain”…show more content…
Vietnam was split into two parts, the Capitalist south and the Communist North. American began to send troops in support of the south. This involvement sparked a whole new movement in America. Americans began to revolt against the traditional 1950s family structure. The era of free love and free sex began, with the arrival of new music, new ideas, and newly discovered drugs. Peace, love, and friendship became the way of life for many people. Evolving from the committed and patriotic nuclear family unit that they had come from in their youth. This all seemed to be sparked due to the war in Vietnam. People began to think and act differently. All while still under the threat of nuclear disaster at any moment, and all while the war in Vietnam was raging. The evolution of Civil Rights for African Americans was at its peak during this time with the help of the counterculture and their influence on politics and policies at home. The war in Vietnam began to end slowly with the help of the Nixon Administration. For the next ten years America would still be at a stalemate with the Soviets until the election in 1980. In 1980 Ronald Reagan was elected to the Presidency. He became wildly popular with the American family. He was a strong proponent of the classic and a strong traditional American family. Reagan believed that, this is what separated us from the

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