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The San Francisco Symphony One of the well-known symphony orchestra organizations in United States is San Francisco Symphony. San Francisco Symphony was formed in 1909 as an attempt to rebuild the cities after the great 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit. The first conductor and music director of this orchestra was Henry Hadley. He gave his debut musical performance on December 8, 1911 with 95 members in the first orchestra. The first performance was successful and it led the orchestra to grow bigger. In 1925, San Francisco symphony hired Alfred Hertz who replaced Henry Hadley to lead the orchestra. Alfred Hertz expanded the orchestra with some changes, such as bringing the first woman player Helen Atkinson as a second violinist into the orchestra. Moreover, in 1925 the orchestra developed their reputation by using media technology and recorded their music on a vinyl record…show more content…
For instance, Pre- Concert Talk is an activity that is happens one hour before the show. This event also includes open rehearsal; therefore, visitors are expected to know details about the performance. Also, this organization presents musical performance not only for adults, but there are programs that family and youth can participant and enjoy classical music concerts for free. This program is called Youth Orchestra. Youth Orchestra provides free orchestral training for talented young instrumentalists between the ages of 12-21 that passed the audition. Additionally, The San Francisco Symphony collaborates with San Francisco Unified school district to offer music education programs for 1-12 grades. One of the examples of the programs is the Adventures in Music. This program is consists of 1- 5 grade kids from public primary school in San Francisco. The program teaches the children about the music performance curriculum and also the children can experience a private concert in Davies Symphony

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