Lowering The Drinking Age To 18 Essay

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INTRODUCTION I. Should the drinking age be lowered to 18? Many people have debated on this issue before, but I wish to just share some basic facts and statistics with you. II. Many of us know people who have participated in underage drinking and some of us may have even participated ourselves and so you may know what it’s like to drink in unsafe environments. III. For this speech, I have done extensive research on the pros and cons of lowering the drinking age to eighteen. IV. Lowering the drinking age to eighteen has many positives and negative, but overall lowering the drinking age would probably have a positive effect. BODY I. First, some pros. A. At eighteen, we become legal adults. We can choose to get married, smoke tobacco, serve jury duty, and even join the military, which could…show more content…
If we are able to make to make those major life decisions at eighteen, why should we not be able to choose whether or not we drink alcohol responsibly? 2. Allowing eighteen year-olds to drink in regulated environments such as bars and restaurants, would more than likely decrease dangerous drinking activities. Prohibiting most of us from drinking in bars or restaurants leads our age group to house parties and other unsafe places where people may be more prone to dangerous actions. B. Lowering the legal drinking age form 21 to 18 would diminish the “thrill” and wonder of breaking the law. C. The drinking age staying at 21 is largely ineffective because more than half of teens continue to drink alcohol anyway, according to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse 17.5% of spending on alcohol comes from teens. In 2006, 72.2% of high school seniors had admitted to underage drinking. Here’s a few more quick facts II. Lowering the drinking age would lower the amount of teen-alcohol related deaths as they would feel less fearful of getting help for alcohol poisoning or other injuries. A. Lowering the drinking age would lower the amount of fake IDs made and

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