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Dinh Lee McDonnell History 5 21 October 2014 John Kay: The Flying shuttle The flying shuttle invented by John Kay made a great impact during the Industrial Revolution era; it was a very impressive invention that led to a big change in the way society worked. John Kay always strived for improvement and his works were often approved by the public. His invention, the flying shuttle, was a very impressive and helpful invention; it made a large impact on society and changed the way things worked. Overall, the flying shuttle significantly pushed the Industrial Revolution towards mechanization and allowed larger productions of cloth. John Kay was always known to be successful in crafting and new improvement ideas. At a young age, he worked with a hand-loom reed maker and later he created a metal substitute for the natural reed; he then began selling the design and it soon became popular all over England. He also worked on a fair amount of textile machinery improvements including the cording and twisting machines. After a few years, he received a patent to create the flying shuttle, the most well-known invention of his. He then started his partnership and began working on this invention. All of his previous designs and his strive for improvement led him to inventing the flying shuttle that soon significantly impacted the Industrial…show more content…
It was a weaving machine that allowed wider fabrics to be woven without any decrease in speed. When the weaver pulls on a cord, it activates the mechanism which leads to a shuttle “flying” (hence the name) across the “race” with great force and speed. The weaver flies to whichever side it is pulled on. Then a bullet-shaped metal knob runs across the race on rollers, the weft arises from an end rather than a side. To conclude, the flying shuttle was quite a complex and new idea to the Industrial Revolution and many people were impressed by how well it

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