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Geraldine Brooks is an American woman who has lived in western culture her whole life. That is, until she explores the often misunderstood Muslim culture from a point of view that is rarely heard from, the women. Her discovery of the often covert world of Islam is culminated in the novel Nine Parts of Desire. Geraldine immerses herself in Islamic culture by living in Middle Eastern countries and talking to a gamut of Muslim women. She explores many different parts of life for Muslim woman, from the veiling, to marriage, to their legal views. Being an American woman, she encounters obstacles from the Muslim culture. Travelling alone and challenging customs is severely frowned upon, especially when done by a woman. Simple tasks like obtaining a hotel room or getting through customs in nearly impossible for a woman to do alone.…show more content…
I related to Geraldine throughout the entire novel. Being an American myself, I shared many of the same views as her. I also do not believe in female circumcision and did not expect Muslims educated at such places as Georgetown and Wharton to hold such rigid and contradictory views. I also would have taken many of the same actions as the author. Such as when she wears a heavy veil to an Iranian press conference. She is questioned about this on national television, and gives a respectful answer must the same way I would. I would also wear a head covering to such an event as a sign of respect. When the author feels unsettled by happenings in the Islamic world, such as her friends drastically changing their views overnight, or men participating in hypocrisy, she feels unsettled. I would feel much the same way, and throughout the book I couldn’t help but marvel at the rigid rules that many Muslims feel they must

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