Reflection About Religion

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1. What is your religion and how do you view religion? My religion is Roman Catholic. For me, religion is an institution in human society that guides people with their belief and faith in God and living a life in the likes of Jesus. It is a guide which teaches not only about faith and about moral and spiritual development but traditions and culture as well. For me, there is no religion that can save people from sin. Having strong commitment with your Church or religion is different from having strong relationship with God. Religion can help you build a strong relationship with God but I believe that it is the persons relationship with, his/her actions that can save him/her. I believe that having a religion is a need for everyone, for we are living in a society that is full of malevolence, temptations that…show more content…
How does Pk view religion? Pk view religion as something that is created by men and use to deceive, exploit the people and seek funds from the people and making them believe that religion will make them get closer to their Gods and receive their desires in life by giving money, sacrificing, following rituals and others. 3. Based on the movie, define ‘faith.’ In the movie Pk, faith is about beliefs, praising God through following religious rituals and praying. People show faith through following religious rituals and put commitment to their Churches. Rituals even become more important to people than to their own member of the family. In the movie, faith is shown more in following religious rituals for their gods to provide their needs and desires in life. 4. Cite scenarios, belief, practices being manifested by some religions which you find odd or different. (Based on the movie or real life) I find one of the practices of Muslims, the practice where men are allowed to have multiple wives at the same time or what we call polygyny, as long as they can support them financially. I think that this is unfair or inhumane for their wives, for the Muslim
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