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Carbon dioxide is a colorless gas, it also has a sour taste and a sharp smell. The compound has one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms. Putting this compound is in water will cause it to dissolve making carbonic acid. When this acid forms with certain substances it makes products called carbonates. The beverage and food industry is the main carrier of carbon dioxide. CO2, or carbon dioxide, serves as a protective gas to ship sensitive food used in deep freezing and is used in beverages such as cola, fruit flavored drinks, ginger ale, and root beer. CO2 also helps to keep such foods and beverages from spoiling fast. The first attempts to make carbonated soft drinks was the result of a desire to duplicate rich mineral waters that flowed from the springs. By the late 1700’s numerous repeats of such experiments were published in a journal of Royal…show more content…
The atomic formula of this acid CO2+H2O {or water} =H2CO3. This acid makes the tingling on your tongue. The maximum amount of CO2 that can go into water is eight grams per liter. The excess Carbon Dioxide will stay in the water if there is pressure, if the pressure is released the CO2 will be released. Releasing the pressure will cause your drink to go flat. In the 1840’s carbonated water began to have flavor added to it. By the 1900’s carbonated beverages became a part of an average consumer’s life. The soda pop was born. A soda starts out as water and sugar is added. Sodas have lots of sugar! One can of soda has about 10 teaspoons of sugar. Next, vanilla or cinnamon can be added as flavor as well as lime, lemon, or orange. Sometimes, color is added. Finally, the water has CO2 added to it. This gas makes the drink bubbly and fizzy. The soda is then squirted into cans or bottles. Tops are put on right away to keep the soda fizzy. Labels are added to bottles/cans, these labels tell you what is in your

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