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[1] Adoption has become a common trend in the world and has become even more common in the United States. There are two main routes of adoption which are closed, traditional adoption, and open adoption. A closed adoption is when rights of a child are released to a family and all ties to the biological family are cut. Open adoptions are when the biological parents choose who the adoptive parents will be, they release the rights to the adoptive family and then they can still remain in contact with the child and the adoptive family. Closed adoptions can impact infants, older children, biological families, and adoptive families. This paper will discuss the problems and challenges families face while going through the closed adoption process, the…show more content…
For older children it is hard to stop all contact with a biological family member that has meaning in their life. It is found that for the children who do sever their family ties could be endangering their basic security and self-identity (Borgman, 1982). Young children often rely on their parents for emotional support and having them cut all ties right away could be tearing the child away from their emotional support system. When older children are separated from their parents it is often hard on them because they begin to feel like they are lost or like they have lost a piece of themselves. The closed adoption means that there is no information shared between the adoptive parents and biological parents, because of that, infants who have been adopted will grow up knowing nothing about their biological parent and their historical background. This could cause a large problem for adoptive families because they then do not know the medical history of that child. Oftentimes adoptees who do not know anything about their historical background wish to seek out their biological parents to learn about their biological family

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