Clinical Nurse Leader Research Paper

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Overview: Clinical nurse leaders (CNL) are registered nurses who are specialized in the medical care field and work for a specific group of patient population. With advanced knowledge in nursing care, they work as leaders, educators and patient advocates. This role is specially designed by the American Association of Colleges of Nurses for lessening the errors occurred in healthcare systems. They also work with the medical team and provide advice and guidance. As a specialist, a clinical nurse leader work together with physicians, pharmacists, clinical nurse specialists and social workers and helps incorporate advanced medical technologies into the treatment process so that patients get the best possible care. They are found to work in…show more content…
A master level degree will help them to get prepared for the leadership role and aware of the responsibilities which this profession demands. Sometimes this MSN programs for CNL may be designed to be finished in three to four semesters. Interested nurses may opt for advance courses in pathophysiology, pharmacology, clinical assessment etc. Many colleges also offer online MSN degrees for the convenience of those nurses who are working. With the internet access, classes can be attended anywhere at anytime. After completing the course, students may sit for the Clinical nurse Leader certification examination and become a certified clinical nurse leader. Main Duties : The main duty of a clinical nurse leader is to help in maintaining quality care and safety for patients. As a director of the unit, they ensure safety and efficiency in the care of patients. They also make sure that qualified nurses get recruited in the system. Their responsibilities involve : • Designing and implementing projects for the benefit of healthcare workers to meet everyday

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