Cleopatra's Death Of Caesar

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In Egypt, Cleopatra met Caesar and fell in love. Fortunately for Cleopatra, they had a rival in common and wanted to defeat him. With the help of Caesar, Ptolemy XIII fled to the Nile and drowned. Cleopatra’s desire and ambition led her to become the only ruler of Egypt. Soon after, in 47 B.C. Cleopatra gave birth to a child named Caesarion. Until this date, is untold if the boy was actually Caesar’s offspring. Three years after, Caesar left to Rome for some important things he had to take care of and Cleopatra followed. Unfortunately, Caesar was assassinated and left Cleopatra alone in Rome. Marc Antony, King after Caesar, came to rescue Cleopatra since she assumed she was next to be killed. With his tender side, he helped Cleopatra

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