Comparing Rushdie's Haroun And The Sea Of Stories

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In a country such as America, opinions are declared boisterously every day, with little thought accompanying them. This is made fairly obvious during the presidential debates, especially by Donald Trump. Here, it seems, we try to almost out-opinion each other while in other countries, they do not even have the luxury of stating their opinions in a tranquil manner. Salman Rushdie, the author of Haroun and the Sea of Stories, had a firsthand experience with this suppression when he wrote a novel that offended the Ayatollah of Iran. Rushdie used his allegorical novel to speak out against censorship and limitations of free speech. He, along with other authors, have taken advantage of language to communicate his thoughts and ideas with others. The ability to have intellectual, sometimes even revolutionary thoughts, and to freely express these thoughts is vital to the development of our world because it offers new perspectives that forces people to challenge the norms of society and create new ideas.…show more content…
Language allows one to put meaning behind their thoughts and be able to communicate with others. Pablo Neruda voices his gratitude for the creation of language in his poem “The Word”. He implies that words are the very essence of one’s being by saying, “I utter and I am/and across the boundary of words,/ without speaking, I approach silence”. Words are the way people express themselves. Sharing what is on our minds gives us a chance to connect with others and form close attachments. Language allows history to be made. After all words are, “the air that connects us with the buried man and with the dawn of new beings that haven’t yet arisen.” One can learn so much about life through the history of another that has been recorded and many in the future will learn from this generation’s accomplishments and misfortunes. One certainly would be lost without

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