Clean Refrigerator Method

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Want to clean your refrigerator in fastest and easiest way? The Clean Refrigerator Method shows anyone how to do it. Find out how to amaze your family, your friends and most of all, YOURSELF by cleaning your refrigerator only in 5-steps – even if you’ve never do it before! After just 30 minutes with Clean Refrigerator Method, you will be inspired and thrilled with how satisfying the cleaning can be! And once you’ve gotten a taste of IMPRESSING your friends and family by clean the refrigerator fast and easy, you will be completely STOKED! How to clean your refrigerator in 30 minutes at home? Your refrigerator will be haunted the unpleasant odors after a period of time if you don’t clean it. The odors will affect your food store in refrigerator. So you need to keep your fridge clean to store fresh food. You should…show more content…
First of all, you need to cut down the power to the refrigerator. - Take all your food out of the fridge. You take all your food out of the fridge. Make sure the refrigerator is completely emptied out. This will allow you to clean all the corners. - Keep the leftovers food and throw out the expired food. You should keep the food you can use and put them in a cool place. Regular maintenance and storing leftovers in airtight containers are the best ways to prevent odors. Throw out any aged, moldy or inedible food; empty the bin afterwards to make sure your house doesn’t smell of all the food you throw out! Step 2: Clean the drawers, trays, or shelves, etc…. - Remove any fridge drawers, trays or shelves, etc. Take out any shelving, drawers, ice chest or other removable surface areas from the refrigerator. - Soak them in warm water mixed with dishwashing soap. Scrub the plastic tray and leave them in a cool place to air-dry. Avoid direct rays of the sun will broke or cracked the tray. Be sure to let them dry out completely before inserting back into the fridge. Step 3: Clean inside the

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