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In present time, people are suffering from different disasters, climate change or natural phenomenon that is getting at its worst. Environment is becoming more polluted, and is being destroyed and abused by people. In short, our planet earth is in peril. Still, it is never too late for people to do some actions about this; never too late for people to make a change and to make the environment recover its natural beauty once again. But the questions that need answers are: what are acts or methods that people can do? What are the simple ways that can greatly contribute to the beautification of the environment once again? And; How will these acts, methods and ways be effective and be of great help? One way that people can do is to practice the waste hierarchy pyramid. In practicing this pyramid, people can help in the prevention of greenhouse gases emissions, reduction of pollutants, conservation of resources and energy, creation of jobs and stimulation of development of green technologies. Under this pyramid is the 4R which is the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover” cycle. This cycle will give them the needed and right knowledge on how to protect the environment and on how to conserve its natural resources with the proper approach…show more content…
You can have old leaves, shells, papers, boxes and the like as your resources (10 ways to Go Green and Save Green, 2008). How will handicrafts be involved in the said resources? Of course, handicrafts are made by our hands and creative mind; a creative mind that will help the prevention of dying planet earth. Through handicrafts, we can make garbage into something that is useful and unique in its own way. One good example is the dried leaves of abaca that all of us might think that it should already be thrown away, but no, it can be turned into weaved basket or weaved fan. To be able to reuse things is easy, but to reuse things in a creative and more useful way takes an intellectual

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