The Importance Of Energy

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A fundamental aspect of life would be energy. Without it, so many concepts would not work, make sense, or even exist. But behind what some might see as just one science vocabulary word, there is a lot more. But first, one must truly understand what energy is. It is the ability to cause a change or do work, which happens when a transfer of energy takes place. Energy can’t be limited as just being called energy, because there is a wide array of types of energy such as kinetic, potential, nuclear, radiant, electrical, chemical, and thermal, each being different from the other, although it is possible for types of energy to change from one another. To further understand these types of energy, I will explain what makes them unique from the others,…show more content…
Electricity is wildly known for being associated with energy and power because in the modern world that we live in, electricity is such a big influence. It is a form of kinetic energy because the currents that deliver the energy are moving. Everyday someone uses something electrical, whether it’s a laptop, cellphone, digital watch, or anything that uses a battery or is plugged into an electrical outlet in a wall. Electricity is special because many forms of energy are usually converted into electricity, mainly because of the importance and the amount we use it. While chemistry focuses on the changes and forms of matter, how does it apply to electricity? First off, electrons are the negative charge of an atom, and affect the charges of the atoms. Electrons apply to electricity, because the way an electric current is formed is by electrons being forced along a path, normally something such as wires or anything that can conduct electricity. This is extremely important because it is an easier method of powering machines and other objects to…show more content…
As mentioned earlier, energy is neither created nor destroyed, so it can’t just come from nowhere. So, the energy has to be changed. The transformation of energy from one form to another is fairly simple, and here will be some examples to help explain. One example is boiling water on a stove. The electrical energy is intense enough that it produces heat, and then gives the pot (and the water in it due to heat, not thermal energy, but the water will still have thermal energy) thermal energy. The thermal energy is kinetic energy, so the water will begin to bubble and move around. Another example is a runner. The runner will have eaten food and other nutrients during the day, and when it gets digested, chemical energy is released from the chemical bonds in the compounds. The chemical energy is then converted to kinetic energy as the runner begins to run and move around. One last example is in nuclear plants. The nuclear energy is the potential energy, and when either fusion or fission occurs, the energy is released, and in most cases, is converted to electrical

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