Wedding Cake Case Study

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• Introduction • Answers to questions 1.1.1. Question1 1.1.2. Question2 1.1.3. Question3 1.1.4. Question4 1.1.5. Question5 1.1.6. Question 6 • Conclusion • Bibliography Introduction We are catering a wedding for 50people to be held in a marquee and we have to design a three tier cake. We will look at the filling, icing or glaze and two decorative techniques. We will look at the recipes and production process and also explain the assembling and decoration of this cake. We will also look at how we will keep the cake fresh and how we will transport it to the venue. Then we will look at other frozen desserts and their recipes. Lastly we will look at hygiene and safety requirements. Question1 Wedding cake with: a) Two…show more content…
I will need to spend some extra time at the wedding venue to place the cake accurately once again and reconstruct the cake. Take care to secure the cake to the board – firmly It is important that the bottom level of a wedding cake is firmly stuck to a cake board. This can be ensured by using dowels and stakes that eject out of the board and embed into the cake. Additionally i can also secure the seal by using sticky frostings like butter cream which will help to improve the seal. The cake board should be strong and not fold or soak. If the cake is too heavy, I will need to tape or glue multiple cake boards together to ensure that the boards can support the weight of the cake. I need a support structure. In order to prevent the taller tiers from falling onto the bottom during the transportation, I will use a support structure to hold up the tiers above. It is also a practice to use dowels around the sides of the box to hold the tiers up. These dowels could be of plastic, wood or even straw. Butter cream can be used as a reliable glue to secure one tier to…show more content…
To secure the foam to the box you can use skewers or even duct. The padding not only helps to support the cake but will also serve as a heat insulator. The box size needs to be close to the size of the cake board to ensure better support. Secure the cake board to the bottom of the box with tape. Transport it on a flat surface Do ensure that the cake box is placed on a surface that is flat and COMPLETELY level with the ground. The car seat is angled and may not be an ideal surface. Instead, it is better to use the floor of the car after folding a seat or two. Also a non-skid mat underneath the box could help to prevent it from sliding. Ensure cake friendly driving Driving carefully is all so essential to the well being of a wedding cake while in transit. Small ERRORS in driving, like stopping and braking suddenly or taking a quick sharp turn or bobbing over speed-breakers can spell disaster for your entire cake. It is therefore essential to drive slowly and carefully to ensure that you and your cake arrive at the reception area safely. If you need to drive in a slower side lane don’t hesitate to do so. Don’t worry about the traffic which may be annoyed with you. They don’t know that you are transporting a wedding cake. Only you know the importance of that. So only take your own discretion when it comes to the pressure on the

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